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Professional Chimney Services in Evesham, Worcester & Cheltenham

At Evesham Roofing Company, we take pride in offering comprehensive chimney services to homeowners and businesses in the Evesham, Worcester and Cheltenham areas. Our dedicated team of professionals brings years of expertise to ensure the safety, functionality, and aesthetic appeal of your chimney.

Given the essential role chimneys play in functionality, chimney stacks are inevitably exposed to the elements, including winds and storms.

It is a common oversight for many customers to forget about their chimneys due to their elevated and often out-of-sight location on the roof. The consequence of this neglect becomes apparent when regular checks and maintenance are not performed. Loose pieces of masonry can go unnoticed, leading to potential instability. It is crucial to remain vigilant, conduct regular inspections, and address any loose pieces promptly at the first sign of deterioration to prevent the need for extensive repairs.

As the popularity of real fires in homes increases, so does the demand for chimney stack repairs. Chimney stacks, being possibly the most vulnerable part of the roof, require diligent maintenance, particularly in older properties. Positioned as the highest point on the roof, chimney stacks endure the harshest weather conditions, leading to the development of weak spots over time. This is especially true for the leadwork at the base of the stack, emphasising the importance of regular upkeep for sustained structural integrity.

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Evesham Roofing Company

Chimney Repairs in Evesham, Worcester & Cheltenham

Evesham Roofing Company can inspect and carry out full repairs & maintenance to chimney stacks including re-pointing, brickwork and lead work to make sure all areas of your roof remain in great condition.

Our expert team can advise you on the correct cowl for your type of fire and can supply and fit gas cowls throughout Evesham, Worcester and Cheltenham.

If you require a chimney stack removing, we can help you with that as well.

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We provide a wide range of re-roofing and chimney services including:

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